2020 & 2021 & 2022 
Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
Conference Call Meeting 1/23/2020 7:30PM

Attended: Kim Stefanik, Matt Hess, Mitzi Walters, Angela Dineen, Shari Semelroth, Daniel Fox, Phil Azzaretto, Alex Triskell
Absent: Debbie Thurston

New Business: (Matt Hess) President
  • *Create A special “Raffle Committee” to start collecting items for the Wilmington OH Show in October 2020 – (Matt working on)
  • *
  • Still Need sweeps judge for Wilmington OH Show in October. Evelyn Gregory & Nance Hafner were names given to us. Matt Hess suggested Daniel Fox or Niko Hagen. Kim Suggested Joe Caton. We will also contact the club to see if any of the current judging panel would be interested in a sweeps assignment to go towards there judging license. (Matt Working on)

  • *Voted on a Supported Mastiff Entry on Sunday for the November Columbus Show. (approved)
  • All present on call voted YES. Matt Hess will contact Kathy Musto to get information and let he know we would like to do a supported entry.

  • *No general membership meeting in April – We will have a general membership meeting in November after Mastiffs show on Sunday at the Columbus Show.

  • *Phil suggested doing a memorial / scholarship fund in memory of Anya Vasilis
  • - When: At Nationals in May 2020
  • -Ask MCOA to match MCONO raised funds? (Sheri to talk to Mark Tichnor)
  • - Have Juniors get involved in raising money for Anya – Fun games to raise money like we did at prioir year nationals.

Club Scent Work (Angela Dineen)

*Found a potential building to do scent work trails in. Madison County Fairground ( London Ohio) 6,000 square feet-climate controlled-
Angela and Debbie Thurston are working on details and more information

Financials (Mitzi Presented)
*2019 Financials are complete & Available
* Current Financials
-4,034 Checking account
-11,964 Savings account
- ???? Paypal password not available

Meeting Ended 8:25PM (Matt Hess, Kim Stefanik 2nd)

MCONO Board Meeting Minutes
Conference Call Meeting 2/3/2020 7:30PM eastern

Attended: Dan, Alex, Matt, Angela, Kim, Phil, Mitzi / Absent: Debbie, Shari

  • Proposal: October 16 Specialty be held in memory of Gail Marschak - approved (Mitzi will ask Liz Simon for help)
  • A special “Raffle Committee” has been started to begin collecting items for the Wilmington OH Show in October 2020 –: Brooke Fox to head, Vicki Orewiler, Melissa Holcomb on committee . Brooke will contact others. Clermont Kennel Club is allowing us to have our raffle all three days in October. We can do drawings Friday and Sunday but not on Saturday.
  • Sweeps judge for Wilmington OH Show in October is Joe Caton. We will just need to pay for 1 night RV parking for him. $45 approved
  • Approved a Supported Mastiff Entry on Sunday for the November Columbus Show.
  • oMatt Hess has informed Kathy Musto that we would like to do a supported entry. Our judge will be Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine. Mitzi and Angela will work on the budget for trophies and ribbons.
  • *No general membership meeting in April – We will have a general membership meeting in July and in November after Mastiffs show on Sunday at the Columbus Show.

  • Proposal to have a raffle quilt in October with money to go toward Anya cause. Mitzi to ask Shari Semelroth. Suggestion that it be generic (paws) approved

Title recognition. Do we still want to pay AKC $180 for the Title reports when we are not using them? Other ideas presented. Voted to discontinue: Dan, Alex, Matt, Kim, Phil, Mitzi. Voted to continue: Angela Dinneen (Angela will research new options)
Possibility proposed that MCONO would hold an Independent specialty at Roberts Center the first day of 2022 MCOA Nationals(Monday) followed by MMF Regional and National starting on Wednesday. We are going to hold off until after the 2020 Specialty to see if it is feasible. (Mitzi)
Club Scent Work (Angela Dineen) no report

Financials update We now have access to our Paypal account. 2019 Financials have been emailed to Board

Meeting Adjorned: Mitzi motioned, Alex seconded

MCONO Board Meeting Agenda
Conference Call Meeting 5/3/2020 7:30PM eastern

Attended: Kimberly Stefanik – Mitzi Walters – Matt Hess – Daniel Fox – Angela Dinneen – Phil Azzaretto -Debbie Thurston – Kay Stivason – Shari Semelroth
Absent: Alex Triskell

New & Unfinished Business to discuss: 
  • Update schedule: Moved Marion Ohio supported Entry to July 2021. 
  • Mcono Annual Dues going out this week.
  • July Supported entry in Marion – Due to Covid 19 this show is cancelled. Voted on moving it to the same show but in 2021. All attended voted Yes. Trophies/Ribbons were all sponsored but not printed yet so all sponsored trophies will go towards the 2021 show.
  • October Specialties – All attended Voted Yes to send out emails asking for Trophy Sponsorship. As of today this show has not been cancelled. Mitzi is sending out email asking for sponsors.  
  • November Supported entry- No changes
  • 2021 – On Hold till shows resume and Covid 19 updates effecting shows

Meeting Adjorned: Matt Hess called meeting Adjorned at 7:25pm Kim Stefanik 2nd it.

​MCONO Board Meeting Minutes
Conference Call Meeting 11/1/2020 7:30PM eastern

Attendance: Matt Hess, Angela Dinneen, Deb Thurston, Mitzi Walters, Dan Fox, Shari Semelroth, Alex Triskell, Callie Caoua, Phill Azzaretto Absent: Kim Stefanik

Election report from Nominating committee: 
Our original nominees were President: Matt Hess (did not accept), Recording secretary: Kim Stefanik (accepted), Board: Dan Fox (accepted), Board: Callie Caoua (accepted) or Sandy Holzwarth (only if we needed her) to replace Shari Semelroth who is ending her 2nd term and offered to run a committee
After discussing with our nominees we adjusted to:
President: Angela Dinneen for her 1st term
V.P.: Matt Hess for his 1st term
Recording Secretary: Kim Stefanik for her 2nd term
Board: Dan Fox for his 2nd term
Board: Callie Caoua for her 1st term
No new nominations were made from the general membership so new Officers and Board will be announced at the November General meeting.

Request to change all Board voting to Facebook Messenger instead of email.
November general Meeting will be Saturday November 14 at Wilmington at noon (judging break) in the back hallway near where the food court is.
New & Unfinished Business : 
  • October Specialties – very successful, negative comment was that it was too much squeezed in one day. Suggestions were to divide into two days or to not have two Sweepstakes. We don’t have our final numbers for the raffle yet.
  • Sunday November 15, 2020 Supported entry- Trophies (Sherry Deans)are complete
  • April 2021 - Support Dan Emmet Kennel Club show Saturday April 24, 2021 at the Columbus show instead of July in Marion. Dan motioned, Angela seconded all approved
  • October 2021 Specialty - MMF again? This was tabled. We do not know if MMF is even interested. Comments were favorable on doing it again and the Hoedown theme was popular. Discussion on raffle and how to divide it but no easy solutions. If we do a joint specialty it was requested that we not share the raffle….that the raffles are separate.
  • November 2021 Supported Entry? This was tabled. 

Meeting Adjorned: Mitzi motioned, Alex seconded, all approved

Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio
Saturday, November 14, 2020 at noon (Judging Break)
General Membership Meeting Minutes

Attending: Matt Hess, Diane Caoua, Angela Dinneen, Mitzi Walters, Todd Baughman, Monica Baughman, Vicki Orewiler, Sherry Deans, Shari Semelroth, Conner Semelroth, Brian Semelroth, Webb Boyles, Alex Marcelli, Caitlyn Quinn

Report of President (Matt Hess): 
2020 Board meeting minutes are available on the website. We did not have a lot of meetings.

Our October raffle and show were a great success! The Hoedown theme was popular.

Report of Recording Secretary (Kim Stefanik):
2020 General Membership Meeting Schedule
April - Columbus (did not happen)
November - Wilmington

2020 Board votes:
Approved sponsoring trophy for Bucks (did not happen) 
Approved donation for Welcome Party - Nat’l Specialty
Approved ad in Nat’l Specialty catalog (ad put on hold)
Approved doing a Nat’l Specialty raffle basket (Niko offered to be in charge) 
Approved doing Farm dog testing in October 2020
Approved sponsoring MMF trophy
Approved moving November Supported entry from Columbus to Wilmington

Report of the Corresponding Secretary (Mitzi Walters):  
Welcome to our newest members: Lisa Simons, Ashley Hernandez, Alexandra Marcelli - Lisa is very connected to mastiff rescue
Sadly, we lost two members this past year: Gail Marschak and Lucy Parschauer

Report of Treasurer (Debbie Thurston):  Balances as of 11/8/2020
Checking: $5,539.08/Savings: $11,966.58 (includes $1,045.00 designated Judge Fund) 
PayPal: $4,495.69
Income and some expenses from October are not included. 
AKC Rep Report (Debbie Thurston): no report

Report of the Committees:
Amateur Recognition Committee: (Kay Stivason) Drawings for Amateur $100 winner will continue. Diane Caoua was the winner in October!

Events Committee: 
April 2021 - Saturday, April 24, 2021 - Supported Entry and MCONO meeting - Columbus, OH (3 day show with Dan Emmitt KC & Central Ohio Kennel Club)
October 2021 - No plans at this time

Nominating Committee (Melissa Holcomb, Sandy Holzwarth, Shari Semelroth): (Mitzi)
The 2020 MCONO nomination committee would like to present the following slate:
President: Angela Dinneen
Vice President: Matt Hess
Treasurer: Deb Thurston
Recording Secretary: Kim Stefanik
Board Member: Dan Fox
Board Member: Callie Caoua
No other nominations were received from the general membership.

Raffle Committee (Brooke Fox& Vicki Orewiler): Raffle at the Wilmington Specialty was very successful. Earned $3,400 split 50/50 with MMF.

Trophy Committee (Mitzi):  Thank you Dan Fox for all your Hard work. Shari Semelroth has agreed to take over with assistant Phil Azzaretto.

Public Education Committee (Monica Baughman): Covid has made this very hard. Debbie Thurston is doing Scentwork training and Niko has started a training site, Niko and Sandy offered Farm Dog testing to 12 dogs Friday of the Wilmington Specialty for MCONO (revenue for CCKC also)

Adjournment:  Matt/Todd moved & seconded


MCONO Board Meeting Minutes
Conference Call Meeting 1/10/2021 7:00PM eastern

Attendance: Angela Dinneen, Matt Hess, Dan Fox, Alex Triskell, Phil Azzaretto, Mitzi Walters, Shari Semelroth, Callie Caoua, Deb Thurston
New & Unfinished Business to discuss: 
Resignation of Kim Stefanik - Recording secretary Mitzi nominated Monica Baughman to replace Kim, Alex seconded and Board agreed unanimously. Angela has checked with Monica and she is willing. Kim has the option and is welcome to rejoin the club after her AKC suspension but cannot run for office until she has been a member for 1 year.
April 2021 - Support Dan Emmet Kennel Club show Saturday April 24, 2021 at the Columbus show instead of July in Marion. Board agreed that we will not have raffle tables at this show but we will attempt an online raffle on Facebook with the drawing at the show (membership meeting) 
1.Concrete Mastiff - Mitzi will ask Niko
2.Big barker - Angela
3.48” crate with bucket, pad and cover - Mitzi, Angela & Matt
4.Dremel Bit - Callie
5.Cooler on wheels - Alex?
6.Vickie Orewilers’ famous baskets - Mitzi will ask Vickie

October 22, 2021 Independent Specialty- Board agreed unanimously to hold a Specialty at the October show in Wilmington, OH with the understanding that there will not be 2 Sweepstakes (if we do it again with MMF). Shari Semelroth will approach MMF to see if there is interest.

Meeting Adjorned: Alex motioned, Matt seconded, agreed

Note: The next meeting will be Sunday February 28 at 7:00pm eastern

MCONO Board Meeting Minutes
Conference Call Meeting 2/14/2021 7:00PM eastern

Attendance: Mitzi, Angela, Phil, Dan, Monica, Matt, Callie

New & Unfinished Business to discuss: 

April 2021 - Supported Entry Dan Emmet Kennel Club show Saturday April 24, 2021 at the Columbus show instead of July in Marion - as of Saturday Dave Henson says this is currently still a go.

October 2021 - 
70’s theme PEACE, LOVE & DROOL
Sweepstakes judge Colleen Winslow at no cost to club.
Specialty and Juniors breeder judge Cat Angus (Zavoras) for 2 hotel nights and flight $218 plus transportation Thurs and Sat from Cinci airport. No fee for judging. We have approximately $1,100 in our judges fund.
ESMF has been asked to do afternoon specialty.
Action: Approved $450 expense to hire Cat Angus for the October 2021. 

Mastiff Picnic is scheduled for 9/25/2021. Maybe host a puppy/fun match or Agility. 

Meeting Adjourned: (Monica/Dan)

​Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio
Saturday, November 20, 2021
General Membership Meeting Minutes
Columbus, OH

Attending: Melissa Holcomb, Vicki Orewiler, Mitzi Walters, Steve Wisnieski, Trudy Hite, Wayne Hite, Matt Hess, Angela Dinneen, Jeff Berkes, Chad Long, Coagi Long, Monica Baughman

Report of President (Angela Dinneen): 

Report of Recording Secretary (Monica Baughman):
2022 General Membership Meeting Schedule
Spring – Columbus, Summer – Marion, Winter – Columbus
May - National Specialty – Health Clinic Thursday, May 19—we will need members to volunteer (with perks).

2021 Board votes:
Approved October 2021 show trophy & ribbon budget 
Approved relocation of April show from Columbus to Marion
Approved $450 expense to hire Cat Angus for October 2021 show

Report of the Corresponding Secretary (Mitzi Walters):  

Welcome New members: Sarah Yandell 

Report of Treasurer (Debbie Thurston):  

Balances as of 11/17/2021:
Paypal: $11,302.41
Checking: $4,545.20
Savings: $12,354.87
Cash: $1,185 (raffle, 50/50, catalog, membership)

Specialty money is not included in these figures. Statement from FoyTrent $1,027.50 in club earnings. 

Nominating Committee (Angela Dinneen)
The nominating committee is proposing the following list of individuals for the upcoming 2022 MCONO positions:
Phil Azzaretto- Vice President (1st term)
Matt Hess- Treasurer (1st term)
Mitzi Walters- Corresponding Secretary (2nd term)
Board nominations:
Melissa Holcomb (1st term)
Vicki Orewiler (1st term)
At this time these positions are running unopposed, therefore ballots will not need to be mailed this year. Thank you so much to our outgoing Officer Debbie Douglas Thurston and Board members Shari Bridges-Semelroth and Alex Triskell for your generous commitment to our club. We could not be where we are without your help.

October Specialty Report: 
Raffle, silent Auction and 50/50 made $2,145
Live Auction for Rescue made $2,025
We are sending a check to Mastiff Rescue of Florida $2,025. Ken Parschauer added an additional $10,000 to this donation. 

Report of the Committees:

Amateur Recognition: 

Events Committee:  Clermont County KC show will not be at Wilmington next year. Looking for new location. Will look at options for 2022, possibly the Columbus show in November.  

Raffle committee: The 2022 raffle committee is Wayne Hite, Brooke Fox & Vicki Orewiler

Trophy Committee: Wayne Hite volunteered to assist Dan (Fox) the Trophy Man.

Public Education:  

AKC Canine College
AKC offers online educational courses and resources for the benefit of current & prospective judges, breeders, groomers, trainers and the general dog-owning public. Many of the courses are free or offered at a nominal fee, like $20. Link to the AKC Canine College: https://www.caninecollege.akc.org/ Examples of some of the offered courses include: ABCs of Dog Breeding: Canine Anatomy course and Canine Genetics course, Conformation for Beginners, Mastiff Breed Exam (for judges), How Studly is Your Stud and many others.

TIP: How do I create a Canine College account? I can only find the option to login and I have never had an account before. If you have never purchased a Canine College exam or course before you do not need to login. Please select the exam/course you would like to take from our website and complete the checkout process. The email that you enter as part of your contact information during the checkout process will become your username to log into Canine College. Once the checkout process is complete you will receive a “Welcome! Learning awaits” email that will instruct you on how to create a password for your Canine College account. Once you’ve created your password you can login by clicking “Log In” on the Canine College website.

Adjournment:  Moved Mitzi/2nd Coagi


MCONO Board Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2022 7 p.m. Conference Call

Attending: Phil Azzaretto, Matt Hess, Angela Dinneen, Dan Fox, Melissa Holcomb, Callie Caoua, Mitzi Walters, Monica Baughman, Vicki Orewiler

Treasurers Report (Matt):
Judges Fund-$3,607.19 

MMF still needs to send their half of the judge’s room from Wilmington ($159ish).  

New & Unfinished Business to discuss: 

  • May 2022 National Specialty Health clinic (Angela)
  • Blood draws- any volunteers?
  • Eye Clinic helpers (2)
  • Heart clinic (2)
  • Thyroid helpers (2)
  • -Possible free/discounted testing for helpers. Schedule?
  • Half day or whole day shifts on May 19th. Helpers: Callie, Phil, Melissa, Monica, Angela. Send out call to membership. 

  • November 2022 Columbus Specialty, Sweeps and Supported Entry (Mitzi)
  • After discussion, the Board recommends:
  • oThursday: AB
  • oFriday: AB
  • oSaturday AB, Concurrent Specialty. Hold raffle 
  • oSunday Support Entry, Sweeps

  • Show sites for MCONO events (Angela): 
  • Columbus Fall, Madison Clermont (if they host), Lima mid-summer, Canfield, Marion, Owensville, Smithfield. Think about favorite shows in the mid-summer. Revisit next meeting.  

  • 2023 Bucks (Matt)
  • oMatt will reach out to the Empire ladies & Bucks KC and discuss ways MCONO can support the show.  

Next meeting: March 13, 7 pm

Adjournment: Matt/Phil