The Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio requires its members to adhere to the following guidelines which constitute its Code of Ethics. The Club also requires that members not aid or abet the violation of these guidelines by anyone else. This Code details certain practices necessary to implement the objectives of the Club as outlined in the By-laws.

1.       I will provide the highest quality care to all dogs that I own, or that are in my possession, for as long as they are in my care including quality food, water, proper shelter from heat or cold; active companionship, appropriate exercise, socialization, and professional veterinary care whenever necessary. I will never abuse, nor knowingly allow abuse of my dogs.

2.       I will show good sportsmanship at all times and in all matters relating to dogs. I will maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity. I will not knowingly make a misstatement of fact in any serious discussion of my dogs or any other dogs. When advertising my dogs in any media (magazines, internet websites, mail, email, etc.) I will not make false or misleading statements. I will only use a picture of another owner's dog with the owner's express permission and I will clearly identify that dog and the dog's owner in the ad. 

3.       I will not sell, nor use, a dog for the purpose of attack training, fighting, or any other sport detrimental to the breed and its reputation.

4.       I will take back any dog bred/sold by me who has been displaced. If I am unable to do so, I will assist  rescue or any regional breed club rescue in the placement of said Mastiff. 

5.       I will not knowingly sell or provide a dog for resale, gift or prize or to a broker/agent for resale. I will not engage in the brokering of puppies, (selling or buying), EXCEPT in a case that would prevent a potential rescue situation. 

6.       If I breed my dogs, I will consider only the betterment of the breed when breeding a bitch or allowing a breeding with my stud dog, using available health testing as a tool. A breeder and stud dog owner shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of protecting the breed, and only when the parties involved agree the breeder is in a position and has the knowledge to give proper care to both the bitch and offspring. Unless recommended by a veterinarian, I will not be a party to the breeding of an underage or veteran bitch; nor will I be a party to producing repeated consecutive litters from a bitch.

7.       I will require the neutering/spaying of any puppy/adult I place or sell as pet quality as soon as the dog reaches the appropriate age. 

8.       I will sell a dog only to a buyer whom I believe to be interested in the protection of the breed and who would agree in writing to provide the highest quality of care for the dog, including quality food, water, proper shelter from heat or cold; active companionship, appropriate exercise, socialization and professional veterinary care whenever necessary. 

9.       I will not sell a puppy/adult who is sick, nor will I ship or deliver to the buyer a puppy less than eight (8) weeks of age. 

10.    I will keep records on each dog I sell or place and make good faith efforts to provide annual check ups on each dog I have sold or placed.

approved 04/19/09
revised Item 6. 07/01/12