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 Original Mastiff Artwork by Mitzi

16" x 20" acryllic painting on board unframed
(no people please!)

$250 per dog for MCONO members*
plus shipping - which has to be determined

* this discount is offered to MCONO members as a small club-member benefit

turn around time will be determined by how fast you provide photographs
12" x 12" coffee table mastiff book published by MCONO
Dog's Bar....Dog Days
This beautiful book is available at a hugely discounted price of $59 until the first run is sold out.....
then it will be available for $84.

The book is 12"x12" with a dark brown cover and wonderful color photos of our mastiff breed!

shipping is not included...we will gladly bring it to shows!
Please contact us for shipping costs.
These items below are available to everyone. The store is just a way for our club to promote the incredible talents of our club members.
Cotton Panties
Mastiff size panties/bloomers pictured are a sampling of what I have made and sold. Bloomers/panties are shown on a 210 pound Mastiff. Special features include: Way cool prints, cozy soft flannel inside lining, velcro adjustable, extra large tail hole and elastic on upper leg area. Machine wash cold, and air dry.  
Use with adhesive panti liners.  
$40 each with a 20% donation to MCONO. Price does not include shipping. Other sizes can be made too
(every fabric is different but you may specify color)

for custom orders:
pink                              purple & pink                                multi
$15 each / $5 shipping
MCONO LOGO 7" x 7" Decals - 
designed for outdoor use

$8 for Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio  (shipping not included)
$10 for mastiff head without lettering
$15 for mastiff head personalized with your own custom name

plus $5 shipping
Plain & MCONO Decals              Personalized Decals
Wine glasses
Nursing Stations
The pet nursing station has been created to provide essential care for puppies. The station serves as a full time mother if no mother is around and at times it can be a temporary mother, because we can have large litters and the station is a great tool for supplementing! 

Anyone can purchase the stations online at 

Stations are $75 each and buyer pays for shipping. Bottles not included but we recommend Dr. Brown 4oz bottles. 

We accept credit/debit cards through paypal!

From time to time we will have specials listed on our website and facebook page. 

Visit our facebook page at "Nursing Station Hess"
Shipping is not included!!!!
Personalize ($15 option only)
MASTIFF 9" x 9" Decal - 
designed for outdoor use

I (L) My Mastiff 9" x 12" Decal - 
designed for outdoor use

Dog's name for painting: