"MCOA Rescue/Placement Service exists to aid in placing stray or abandoned Mastiffs in adoptive homes which will provide a high level of care and where the spirit of the MCOA Code of Ethics is observed. 

The Rescue / Placement Service may assist Mastiff owners, who for any reason can no longer provide a home for their Mastiff." 

In December of 2005 the Mastiff Club of America formed a corporation in the state of Virginia (RESCUE FOUNDATION INCORPORATED) with the goal that this entity would achieve tax exempt (501C-3) status and be a source of income for regional organizations involved in the rescue/placement of English Mastiffs. The internal Revenue Service did approve the charitable organization status. 

The RFI is currently chaired (updated in 2011) by Mary Speer and members Don Crumb, Becky Campbell, David Henson, Dr. Bill Newman, Susan Pricket, Lora Myroup, Danna Burnett, Carol Heffley, Diane Lyons, Julia Kriebs, and Toni Hyland. 

Their major tasks at this time are to develop a criteria for funding rescue groups, planning the fund raising activities for the National Specialty, planning other means of gathering income and making their presence known to rescue groups, the MCOA membership and the total mastiff community. 

If any member would like to get involved, contact your MCOA or RFI Board member..or just send money, it takes many dollars to do rescue right. You can contact the RFI Board at the following email address: RFIBOD@GMAIL.COM 

Please send donations to: 
Rescue Foundation, Inc. 
P.O Box 166 
Penfield, NY 14526  

A list is provided below for your convenience, of some rescue organizations for other Mastiff Type Dog Breeds. These organizations are not affiliated with MCOA in any way.






MCOA Rescue is in need of help from volunteers to assist in evaluating temperaments, transportation, and fostering our rescue mastiffs. If you can help in any way please fill-out, print, and submit the Volunteer Form Or browse the list of regional rescue organizations below to find the one closest to your area and apply through that rescue group directly.

If you know of a Mastiff needing to be rescued, contact us by e-mail (please indicate the city and state where the Mastiff is located in your e-mail) & send to Chuck Cuthbert at:


Below are the currently approved MCOA Regional Mastiff Rescues located around the various regions of the United States. Check with the regional rescue closest to you to volunteer or to apply to adopt!


rescue foundation incorporated
​Letter to all mastiff lovers...................

I know I said I would not bother or pester anyone until June for “rescue assistance”. Well I lied. Not intentionally, but I am again asking if anyone wants to get involved with the silent auction at the Mastiff Club of America National Specialty. (For information on the Specialty check out the website http://www.mcoanationalspecialty.com/). All the money goes to Rescue Foundation, Inc. which provides support to “hands on” rescue groups http://www.mcoarescue.com 

I am asking people to:

· save their money from bottle returns,

· just write a check, 

· ask a friend, client, customer who owns a dog business to donate a gift certificate (remember it has to be something people can order from anywhere in the country), 

· coordinate a bunch of friends to collect funds in honor or in memory of a breeder, rescue advocate or someone else of importance to them

· Write a second check

· Buy something which can be auctioned off  

· Donate items such as quilts and other items they have won from past Specialties

· If they are an artist make something to auction off

· Visit one of the following vendors to buy and item or purchase a gift certificate (As I find more vendors popular with the Mastiff crowd, I will add them to the list) BTW these vendors have all donated so much to rescue please don’t ask them for more freebies- other vendors however are fair game

o http://www.polishpotterypassion.com/ Many different pieces of polish pottery with Mastiffs worked into the pattern!

o http://www.thebeastboutique.com/ Tons of collars to choose from and all collars can be made in Mastiff size 

o http://dannyquest.com/shop/ These Mastiff statues are often popular

o http://www.mastiffcanada.org/index.php/ways-means This is a double win!- buy something to support our Canadian friends with their Mastiff rescue and then donate it to MCOA to help US Mastiffs. What could be better.

o http://www.jaggersdoggydeli.com/ Check out these dog treats- the Mastiff heads are so great. A gift certificate would be very cool on the auction table

o http://www.southernstatesmastiffrescue.org/support-ssmr/ssmr-store If you want to support our friends in the South try their on-line store

o https://www.createspace.com/3982614 This book is so popular with Mastiff folks and the author has generously donated all proceeds to RFI

o http://www.sunstonedesigns.com/ Wow- is this jewelry impressive. A gift certificate from here would sell very well 

· Give me the names of other Mastiff fanciers who might want to help

· Write an additional check

We really need your help as some areas of the Country are swamped with Mastiffs in need.  

Okay now that I have asked your for financial help, anyone want to be on an RFI Committee to help with the auction issues? If you are going to the Specialty that is great but it is not necessary. We can do almost everything by e-mail.  

P.S. I know there are a few of you who have a house full of rescued companions and/or fosters so you truly don’t have a dollar to donate. I understand but wanted to include you as you often the people who come up with some very good ideas on how to get donations.  


Don Crumb
​Feb, 13, 2014
Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio is helping with the RFI Silent Auction and Rescue Parade at the 2014 MCOA National Specialty in Colorado. We are asking for Silent Auction items.

 If you have an item that you would like to donate please contact Tammy Kinkade  eyotamastiffs@roadrunner.com
​She is looking more for artwork or handmade type items.Donations are tax deductible.
Deadline is May 15, 2014.
Donations to RFI may be made directly through MCONO's Paypal or mailed to: 
RFI, PO Box 166, Penfield NY 14526
Please include your email so Don can send you a thank you letter for your taxes.
Thank you!
Beautiful stained glass piece made by Kim Fish measuring 19" x 11"...
perfect for hanging in a window or glass door for the holidays!(Pawzed In Glass)
Mary Strauss (Canine Angels, Inc.)- One set of Dog Sleeves (AKA Generic Dog Legs)

Kim Hutchison – Painting

Kim Feldman – Stained Glass

Crystal Conner/Working Dog Cool Coats – Mastiff-sized bitch’s britches and "Bitches Rule" drool towels from MC's Sew Cute

Shannon Van Duren – Photo on canvas

Big Tall Dogs – Collar

Tammy & Dave Kinkade – Mastiff picnic print from BDI and Mastiff-etched beer mugs

Heavy metal 24" head that is burnished on one side and solid black on the other that may be hung inside or out......designed by Mitzi Walters and produced by Niko Goins of Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio 
Some of the great items to be auctioned!