Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes
Judge Carrie Klaiber

Independent Specialty
Judge  Houston Clark


Poop n Panty games

Designated Specialty
Judge Holly Scott



All Breed show
October 20, 21 and 22, 2017 
CCKC All Breed Show
Roberts Centre, Wilmington, Ohio
hosted by MCONO

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October 21, 22 and 23, 2016 
Roberts Centre, Wilmington, Ohio
MCONO Committees

Show Chair - Debbie Thurston

Morning set up crew - Friday - set up raffle tables, items
Mary Ham
Brian Ham, Webb Boyles, Ron Banks

​Armbands - Friday - pass out & mark catalog
Danielle Dudley

Puppy Kissing Booth - Friday-set up booth, collect $, food water, walk pups
Niko Hagan, Liz Simon
Monica Baughman, Natalie Southern, 
Ron Banks, Dan Fox, Shannon Daniels have pup

Equipment/Grounds/Ring - Friday - keep ring clean
​Dave Henson
Chad Long, Todd Baughman

Ring Steward - Friday 
Jodi LaBombard
Dave Henson - take care of Ring steward

Judge's Ed - Fri, Sat, Sun - provide ringside judge's education
Liz Simon, Margo Lauritsen

Ribbon Committee - Fri, Sat, Sun - 
Deb Thurston
(assistant needed)

Trophy Committee -Fri, Sat, Sun - set up trophies ringside
Niko Hagan
Sandy Holzwarth

Puppypalooza - Sat after BIS
Kay Stivason
Judges - Paul Bass, Lisa Gynn, Margo Lauritsen
Ring Steward - Linda Henson
Prizes - Mitzi
Ribbons - Kay Stivason

Poop 'n Panty games - Fri after B.O.B.
Webb Boyles & the Semelroth guys
Score Board - Dave Henson
Videographer - 
Timer - 

Raffle Committee - Friday - work raffle tables
Mary Ham
Diane Caoua, Linda Henson, Shari Semelroth
Deb Hatch

Sale of Raffle & 50/50 tickets - Friday - Linda Henson
Need - ticket sellers
Container 50/50 - Debbie Thurston
​Raffle tickets - Mitzi

Wrapping Committee - Friday - prep of raffle baskets
Brooke Fox
Shannon Daniels, Robin Talbott

Fund Raising Prior to Specialty -getting donations & items
Debbie Thurston
Matt Hess, Tammy Kinkade, Kim Stefanik

Judge's Hospitality - Friday - take care of judges
Dave Henson

Judge's gift (Specialty, Sweeps, Puppypalooza) - Friday & Sat
Niko Hagan

4-6 Mo Class - Sat & Sun (ribbon& trophy distribution)
Danielle Dudley

Emergency Committee - Friday
Dave Henson
Niko Hagan, Brian Semelroth, Chad Long, Tim Talbott

Premium List/Forms
Debbie Thruston, Mitzi, Kay Stivason

Signage - Friday & Saturday - dry erase board updates
Dave Henson
Shannon Daniels

​   Forms
2016 T shirts
100% pre-shrunk cotton Gildan shirts
(true to size)

Shirts will be delivered to the Specialty if you use this botton.
Shirts will be shipped to you if you use this botton.
put the class in the text box
put the class in the text box
put the class in the text box
put the class in the text box
put the class in the text box
limited edition
Name of your Poop n Panty team
Sizes (Adult)
Sizes (Adult)
Dog's Name
Correction: It is $5 to enter...not $5 per class!