The Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio was created in 2008 for Ohio and all  surrounding area and is gradually spreading to include mastiff-lovers in many states. It is a slowly developing club..... starting as an excuse to gather at the dog shows and growing into a great little mastiff support group. We are open to all ideas and suggestions. Our members range from long-time breeders to first-time owners.
Please feel free to ask questions:
The MCONO cooperates with and recognizes the authority of the 
American Kennel Club 
in all matters pertaining to registrations, standards, conformation shows, obedience trials, agility tests, and any other activities in which the Mastiff may participate.

Objectives Of The MCONO
To promote the purebred Mastiff. To  disseminate information about the Mastiff breed.  To hold events for the purebred Mastiff and their owners. To promote and encourage good sportsmanship in all facets of training and exhibition of Mastiffs. To promote and encourage improving the health of the mastiff.

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